What is Granite?

Granite consist of hard crystalline mineral which is a magmatic mass having a granular appearance. The grains inside of Pluton commonly have a visible size. The main minerals are feldspathic orthoclase type and a small amount of plagioclase and quartz. Also, there are some minerals such as mica, hornblende, pyroxene and in the second group tourmaline, apatite, zircon, garnet, magnetite.

Granites can be pink, gray or orange in color –especially light-colored, depending on feldspathics and types and amount of the other minerals.

Granites is commonly obtainable on earth. It is seen in variety types of earth crust. It is accepted that granite is formed the base of earth. It is obtainable in the shape of dyke, silica and batholiths.

Granite has been used from old times as parquet and curbstone for roads and as building stone for construction. Granite is tough against abrasion, pressure or brunt which is colorful and suitable to varnish. It has high-resistance against atmosphere effect and resolution. In the present time, it is used as parquet and curbstone or for the great constructions it is used as face stone.

Granite has around 400 centigrade degrees temperature which is needed a long time like a few thousand years for temperature fall. Also, the temperature of granite is source of geothermal water. The movement of water floating unto ? through cracks of granites both raises the temperature of water by force of the high temperature of granite and also causes that soluble minerals get involved in  constitution of the water. In this way geothermal water is formed.