Granite Features

Granite, the earth during millions of years of geological formation of quartz, feldspar and mica minerals in a variety of natural magmatic rocks formed by the merger.

These minerals formed in the composition of a firm texture and rich color scale structure with the aesthetic appearance of granite, sought throughout history, the earth has been the most rigid and durable building material.

Granite, structures, protection from external factors, the climate inside the structure to be maintained, no need for periodic maintenances, and the brightness of light reflects the image of the first day for a long time for many years while maintaining rich color and texture, as well as retain their physical properties, such as options, a preferred building material in modern architecture.

Also be manufactured in various thicknesses and sizes, it has advantages such as cladding delinebilmesi holes for the anchor.

Manufacturing and processing of granite held in very difficult conditions in ancient times, today, with advanced methods are produced and processed in the high-tech exterior construction sector occupies the ground floors, stairs, kitchen and bath benches, lift up to fireplaces jambs are used in various fields.

Today’s most durable and aesthetic building material, granite, has a rich diversity of color and texture. Easy to clean the occurrence of the most functional and hygienic material that can be used indoors and outdoors.